About Us

At UCOB ventures we are passionate about media, technology and networks. This unique mix of interests has positioned our team to be at the forefront of the Digital Out of Home movement.

Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, our international network spans multiple verticals and industries.  We can operate, build, or augment networks for our clients, create content, or bring advertisers into the network to generate revenue and exposure opportunities in a very targeted and compelling way. Currently our partners and clients are using our DOOH suite of technologies and services around the world in hospitality, retail, entertainment, education and manufacturing.

As a company focused on innovation we are continually exploring additional benefits for media and communication that can be leverages into existing networks, stay tuned...

The Experts Weigh In

«The approach isn’t all that different from other types of creative development – understand the product, the audience, and the nature of the medium. DOOH, of course, requires some unique considerations: location, type of venue, availability of audio, etc. All of these factors can be very important to developing a successful DOOH ad.»

Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media - Razorfish