Networks & Markets

Currently there are over a hundred network operators in the US and about 45 within Canada. These networks deliver advertisement to screens in over 70 venue types each with unique audience and media characteristics. There are planned capital investments by network operators to aggressively grow in capacity and market coverage.

Present situation shows DOOH advertising spending of USD 42 million in Canada and USD 3.082 billion in the US market. In Canada 20’000 screens are already available for DOOH media meanwhile the US networks operate on over 200’000 screens.

The Experts Weigh In

«The approach isn’t all that different from other types of creative development – understand the product, the audience, and the nature of the medium. DOOH, of course, requires some unique considerations: location, type of venue, availability of audio, etc. All of these factors can be very important to developing a successful DOOH ad.»

Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media - Razorfish