UCOB Ventures (UCOB) strongly believes in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH). The proliferation of privately held networks, and the ability for those networks to carry content has created a landscape of many fractured networks. These networks have the capability to communicate whatever messaging the owner of the networks desire, however the technology and skill set to carry this out has not been available until very recently. The union of private networks to a software to propagate and manage this messaging is referred to as digital out of home or DOOH. In complete maturity, this will allow any display screen to carry targeted messaging. In the late 90’s many companies attempted to enter this industry but failed due to poor technology, poor networks or poor management. UCOB understands these past failings and has incorporated the best of all three to ensure our company, our clients and our partners thrive in the DOOH environment.

Over the past decade DOOH has started to become a mainstream industry. Media spending has doubled in the last 5 years in the DOOH market. Market Research Institutes estimate media spending will hit 4.53 billion in 2013, which is another 80% increase of today’s numbers. Though DOOH brands can not only take advantage of the cost effective pricing of Digital Out-of-Home, they could also eliminate media waste by targeting to exactly where they needed to be- thereby saving money and appealing to a specific, and captive audience. The DOOH medium provides networks the ability to achieve higher returns, deliver better client service and increase their own awareness. UCOB provides their client with detailed reports to measure the success of campaigns and their networks.

Advertisers need measurable results, and UCOB provides them, the key to digital out-of-home is to have consumers see your message when they are not in the place that they typically see advertising content: in their homes. DOOH allows you to communicate with consumers when they are in a hotel room, or on some mode of transportation, or at a sporting event. UCOB wants to create results, as to facilitate this we analyze the demographics of the consumers that are exposed to these screens, and then provide this information to the advertisers to allow them to pick the location, time slot within a location and the specific messaging that the consumer see through our easy to use web based administration tool. Our reports menu will provide proof of delivery and ROI results. while our sister technologies can provide spinoff or legacy campaigns through mobile or web based technologies.

The UCOB network model allows for the proprietor of any display network to tell their story, on their own "channel" through any display device that physically exists on their premises, or is connected to their extended network. UCOB also enables the creation of a new revenue stream by allowing advertisers to access these networks based on the parameters established by the proprietors of the display networks.

Display owners are able to decide what their patrons can see, and who can speak to them.  In return the display owners are able to participate in the revenue that is derived from the advertising dollars coming into the display network.

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The Experts Weigh In

«The approach isn’t all that different from other types of creative development – understand the product, the audience, and the nature of the medium. DOOH, of course, requires some unique considerations: location, type of venue, availability of audio, etc. All of these factors can be very important to developing a successful DOOH ad.»

Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media - Razorfish